Rivaero is a new, start-up venture operating in the aircraft manufacturing sector, more specifically manufacturing gyroplanes and associated sub-systems.

The Initial ‘uTe’ Design Sketch

Introducing The 'uTe'

The company’s founding management-team have spent considerable time undertaking a major, analytical, review of the current, world-wide gyroplane inventory. The purpose of the study was to identify ways and means of improving the conceptual deficiencies and inherent hazards which have been identified in the design and construction of many gyroplanes currently available on the international market.

The result is the introduction of an all-new, South African ‘born-and-bred’ utility gyroplane – the Rivaero ‘uTe,’ incorporating a whole host of engineering solutions (. . . ‘n boer maak ‘n plan!) in mitigation of specifically-identified gyroplane limitations.

Rivaero Services

Rivaero will expand services offered to include maintenance.

Our intention is to offer a few of the innovative engineering solutions alluded to, as after-market conversions on many of the existing gyroplane marques, as and where retro-fitting of these systems becomes feasible.

Rivaero will expand services offered to include ground and flying training in all aspects of gyroplane operations.

As the business grows and capacity is increased, some aspects of currently sub-contracted work will be brought ‘in-house.’ This will lead to expansion of the Rivaero skilled work-force and better control of manufacturing schedules and targets.

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